Catching up

Catching up

On Sunday 27.11.2016. I made a plan to run every day for a week and stop eating bread for the duration.

I should have wrote this post on Sunday... See my progress on Strava

Day 1


I have spent the whole day working on a project, ignoring the weather outside. It only occurred to me later why the highway was blocked. I changed my clothes, put on my running shoes, music and went outside. I've noticed some increased winds while I was running inside the village.

Once I got outside of the village, on the road near the sea, the wind blew so hard that it completely stopped me in my tracks. It continued blowing with the same intensity and even managed to get the sea in my face. I stopped for a few moments to decide weather I should go forward or turn back home.

I said to myself "Ain't no weather stopping my plans!" and went forward into the wind.

This was my most intense run ever. The road was wet and shiny from the sea and the wind was constantly throwing sea on the road. The good thing is that the wind was blowing in my back and giving me a nice boost as I worked my way down the road. I have completely overlooked the fact that once I turn around the wind will be blowing in my face.

As soon as I have turned around the wind threw sea mist in my face. My face was beginning to be wet and the wind blew so hard that it felt like I was driving on a motorcycle speeding above 100km/h.

Once again, I maned up and started running against the wind. It was manageable up until one point. I passed the curve on the road and the wind blew so hard that I was running in place. The wind kept increasing in strength and I started sprinting harder and harder, until I have reached my max speed.

I was barely moving! Just when I thought that I cannot maintain this speed any longer, the wind stopped blowing, giving me just enough time to recover and get away from that part of the road. After that, it was a walk in the park returning home.

Day 2


Today I decided to be smart and avoid going to the same road as I did yesterday, so I went on the opposite side of the village. The wind was still blowing hard today, but where I ran it was barely noticeable. The route is about 1km shorter, but it included two steep hills which I had to go across. Very enjoyable run!

Day 3


The wind was slowing down, but I still went to the same route as yesterday. I decided that this route was boring. On the plus side, there were no dogs on this route. I did the run and completed the day.

I would like to thank my friend (she knows who she is) for cooking me lunch today, because it really helped me in my plans to avoid eating bread.

Day 4


This day was extremely hard for me. A girl friend asked me to go to a dance class later that evening, so I had to do my run earlier. I went running on my first route which went outside of my village. I felt like I was going faster than before, but upon closer analysis I was slower for 1 second. This got me wondering...

Never mind, I completed my run, took a shower, got into the car and drove to Šibenik. The dance class was enjoyable, the hour went by in a flash. I got home around 10:00, ate some proteins for dinner and went directly to bed. Great day!

Day 5 aka Today


I almost skipped today. I could not find any clean/dry running clothes, since I forgot to wash the clothes from before. I have finally found my running tights, put on some old exercise shirt on and went out. I was faster than my first run on this route by over a minute and my pace was 22 seconds faster. My feet and legs were starting to tense up on this run and I could feel them becoming very heavy. For sure I will have sore muscles tomorrow.

I decided that today would mark my running week completed. I will take the weekend to rest and recover so that I can start my weight training the next week.

What about not eating bread?

I have managed to completely stop eating bread for the duration. This was great, but it was also the hardest part of the whole week. Because I could not eat bread, I was so desperate that I ended up licking the plate.

The good thing about avoiding bread is that you can eat extra food instead of it.

My weight went down initially, but I started eating more food to have more energy and drinking more water. This resulted in me having the same weight at the end of day 5 as I had at the beginning of day 1.

I can't really tell is it from running or not eating bread, but my stomach is now flat and I feel leaner than before.

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