How I Finally Wrote my Graduation Thesis

How I Finally Wrote my Graduation Thesis

One month ago, my brother Paulo came to Murter.

Among other things we went running as we sometimes do...

The next day he asked me if he could use my room to write his graduation thesis. He needed a quiet place to write, so I said no problem. We just had lunch so I decided to relax on the couch and watch a TV show or two. He suggested that it would be awesome if we both used that time to write our own thesis documents (The Document), so I said: "fine, let me just finish this TV show first".

Two TV shows later and a half hour nap I was ready to get started :) By that time he has already finished his thesis. Maybe it was a competition between brothers thing, but I had found the motivation to complete my thesis.

I started by reading the email that my mentor has sent me with a list of changes that I had to do... To me, this list did not make sense and to me my thesis was perfect just as it was by that time. The committee said that I needed 20 more pages. I have already written what I wanted to write in it, and to me it was just the right amount of pages (48 pages). So, I did what everyone in my situation would do ... I started going through the list and completing each item one by one duh! While I was doing that I was constantly swearing, cursing and saying all kinds of twisted and ugly things (on Croatian this can get pretty ugly).

My brother was there for the entire time and he could not believe his ears at the things that I was saying while writing the damn thing. Two and a half hours of swearing later, I realized that I have completed the Document. I could not believe it... every item from the list was done. As soon as I have stopped being shocked, I've attached the document in the email and sent it to my mentor.

Without my brother being there as moral support, I would probably still not have finished writing it.

At the time of writing this post I have not yet received a response from my mentor...

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