How to design a homepage

How to design a homepage

  1. Get Attention
    2. Create Curiosity
    3. Provide Insight
    4. Expect Action

    Get Attention!

    • How to tell if you have succeeded?

    Your bounce rate should be low.

    • The first 3 seconds are the most important.

    Low loading time - the page should open in an instant.


    • Say something that is provocative!
    • Inspire people to do something!
    • Make a statement!
    • Create a sensation (Emotion)!

    Create Curiosity!

    Once you have the attention of your potential users, you have to make them curious!

    • How to measure if you have succeeded?

    Time spent on the home page should be high (relative)

    Beliefs question statements!

    • Make them question their beliefs
    • Ask questions that they are asking themselves
    • Write a statement in a question form

    Provide Insight!

    So you have your potential users attention and curiosity? Let's feed them with a sample of what your site is really about!

    • Provide samples or full items of what you have done before
    • If you have any, place testimonials here also

    Expect Action!

    After the user goes through previous three steps we expect nothing else than an positive action from him.

    • Provide a way of interaction to the user (registration, subscription, sharing, contact...)
    • Tell the user what is expected from him now!
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