Realtek audio stutter on Windows 10 solved

Realtek audio stutter on Windows 10 solved

This is the second part of A story about ghosts living inside my PC. In the first part, the issue solved itself. In this part the issue is the same, but the solution is different.

I had set my mind on watching Star Wars VII in 1080p. There were a couple of problems with the playback at first. The default Windows 10 player Movies & TV did not reproduce sound at all. The video worked, but there was no sound. So I opened the film with VLC player. There was sound and I was happy. Until, I've noticed that every 7 seconds the sound stutters. Once, that I have noticed the stutter, I could not continue watching. It was so annoying.

At first, I have completely forgotten about the fact that I have reinstalled Windows. In my mind the issue with audio stuttering was solved and this had to be something with the film format (mkv). I did a quick search for the best movie player and came across 5KPlayer.

The website for it looks like a huge ad for something. The website is very confusing, but the player looks awesome. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie compared to VLC. The only thing that I don't like about it is the application icon. The icon looks old, very old and outdated. There are very few options that you can tweak, which in my opinion means that the application does what it says it does. In VLC there is an overkill of options to mess around with.

So, to continue my story ... I have installed 5KPlayer, but the audio stutter was there again. Even more, on some scenes the dialogue was "metalic" (that is the best word with which I can describe what it sounded like).

At this point, the first thing that came to my mind was drivers. A quick search on the Internet lead me to a forum which mentioned Realtek drivers and audio stutter. Without reading the whole post, I went to Device Manager and checked which driver is being used under Audio inputs and outputs. It was set to High definition audio driver by Microsoft. Go figure, I had forgotten to install Realtek drivers. I went to my motherboard website and downloaded the appropriate audio driver.

While I was in the Device Manager I went to Sound, video and game controllers group and there I have disabled the AMD High Definition Audio Device. If you have a Nvidia graphics card, the device is called something else. I have found this device on a forum somewhere, can't remember where.

I'm not sure if this is a part of the solution, but I have done it.

The audio driver installation prompted me to do a restart. After the restart I tried playing the film with both VLC and 5KPlayer and the audio did not stutter anymore :)

The solution was pretty simple this time, but it made it possible for me to give a different media player a chance and I've liked it. I have uninstalled VLC from my PC and now 5KPlayer is the default video player on my PC. Give it a chance, in my opinion it is a better match for me than the VLC player.

Update 10.04.2017. Don't use 5KPlayer it's a piece of shit. Constant crashes and notifications. I've uninstalled it and went back to Windows 10 player Movies & TV plus VLC when needed.

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