Mario Bašić
10 March 1990, Croatia

Awards and experience

2008 University of Applied Sciences Vern'
Best student in class business informatics

Awarded a diploma for having the highest grades in class.

2011 Municipality of Murter

Completed my internship studying the inner workings of a municipality.

2013 Partner Bank
Specialized Internship

Completed my internship studying new technologies and working as a web developer.


1996 - 2004 Elementary School Murterski škoji

Elementary school Murterski škoji is located in my home town on the island Murter. I attended elementary school for eight years, I started going to school at the age of six.

2004 - 2008 Economics School Šibenik
Sales Specialist

A sales specialist is an individual who explains the features and benefits of products and services to potential or existing customers to encourage them to make a purchase. Successful sales specialists possess people skills, outgoing personalities and the ability to handle objections and communicate persuasively.

2008 - 2011 University of Applied Sciences Vern'
Bachelor of Business Informatics

Business informatics is a discipline combining information technology, informatics and management concepts. Business informatics integrates core elements from the disciplines business administration, information systems and computer science into one field.

2011 - Present University of Applied Sciences Vern'
Information Technology Manager

IT management is the discipline where all of the information technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. These resources include computer hardware, software, data, networks and data centre facilities, as well as the staff who are hired to maintain them.


Croatian, English, Italian


php, laravel, javascript, css, html, react.js, ampersand.js, bootstrap, mysql, linux, photoshop, illustrator, git, node.js, markdown


Snowboarding, Running, Motorcycles, Longboarding, Salsa (dance)