Side projects and learning new stuff

Side projects and learning new stuff

Should you challenge yourself to learn a new programming language or a new framework when working on a side project?

These days, whenever I have an idea to work on something I just fire up a new Laravel app and start hacking. You can say that I have become very fast to scaffold something from the ground up. Even though Laravel provides you with everything you need to build an awesome application, you still have to tend to the boring stuff like choosing a template, splitting that template into partials and layouts. Then putting together a login page and a sign up page. Then maybe you need a index page for something etc. Lots of pages for things. I have completely went off track here... let's start again.

What I really wanted to say is this: "Should I be using my primary programming language/framework to work on my side project?". I use Laravel every single day. For business projects and for side projects. I like Laravel and I am very fast with it... I can build an application in a day from my mind, whatever I think of, but shouldn't your side projects force you to learn something new?

I always wanted to build something in python/django or maybe ruby/rails or even node.js... Is this the "grass is greener on the other side" type question? I don't know.

After a whole day coding in php/laravel, I feel exhausted and want to puzzle my brain with something new. But if I invest time in learning something new and that something new is not as good as my current thing, is that time wasted?

I really like node.js, but every time I do npm install I cross my fingers and pray to God that it does not throw some random error at me.

I have heard that Haskell is good, but why would I need it and where? I don't know, maybe this is the exhaustion talking. For the time being, as you can see, I have updated my blog with new bootstrap theme from Bootswatch called Paper and have done some text optimizations (BIGGER FONT SIZE).

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow or challenge me to learn something new that will justify the time invested.

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