TAP-Windows Adapter V9 install failed on windows 10

TAP-Windows Adapter V9 install failed on windows 10

After spending 5 hours solving the issue for myself I wanted to share my solution with the World because I could not find anything on the Web that solves the problem for me.

I have read almost everything there is on Google and DuckDuckGo. There is a lot of outdated pages, forums and spam posts about this topic.

The problem

I recently bought a subscription for Private Internet Access VPN and I have been using the built in VPN client on Windows 10. It started disconnecting on random after some time so I decided to switch either to OpenVPN or PIA (Private Internet Access) application.

On the PIA download page you can download the latest client version. I have downloaded that and tried to install it with administrator privileges.

The software got installed but during the setup it said TAP adapter driver installation failed. When I tried to connect with the application to the VPN it said that I have to run Reinstall TAP driver program that came with the PIA software. So I did that, but again I got the error saying install failed!

So I said, ok. Maybe the problem is with PIA software so I downloaded OpenVPN client and started the install process. During installation I received the same error Could not install TAP adapter driver.

At this stage I started wondering that there is something wrong with my OS, because I am sure that I had OpenVPN installed some time ago and that it worked normal.

I searched and searched the Internet (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing) and I've stumbled upon forum posts from 2008 and 2010 and the latest was from 2014 ... something like that. On the forums they said use regedit.exe to locate the xy registry key and delete it etc. etc. Or uninstall this and uninstall that and then restart and so on. I have tried almost everything.. I even booted Windows in Safe Mode and tried installing the drivers but with no luck.

I was really desperate at that time. I went to have lunch and then when I returned I came across an interesting forum post from some user. The post had nothing to do with the solution, but it did say where the log files for installing new drivers are. HEUREKA

The solution

This is a 100% solution for your issues with installing TAP adapter drivers.

The log file is located here C:\Windows\INF\setupapi.dev.log.

Your first instinct might be to open the file, but no. Delete that log file and then try to install the driver again using either the Device Manager or any other VPN software like OpenVPN or PIA application.

This log file contains every device installation performed on your PC. There is no need to read all of it.

After the install fails use notepad to open that log file. It should contain only one driver install. I will not paste my log here because it is long and not interesting at this point.

Start reading the file line by line and stop once you notice something that starts with Error.

In my case I had Error 5: Access is denied. and then it specified the file to which the access is denied to: 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\oemvista.inf_amd64_690431ea2d4f48b2\oemvista.inf'. It may differ on your machine, so be sure to read the log file.

I've navigated to that folder using File Explorer. My first instinct was to copy that folder somewhere else and delete it from there. I could not delete that folder, I had no permissions to do so WTF. I am my PCs administrator I should be allowed to do what I want.

After some tinkering I right-clicked the folder, clicked on Properties and went to security tab. Then I clicked on Advanced and changed the owner of the folder to my account, but when I tried to apply changes to subfolder and files it refused. In order to fix this I entered the folder and right-clicked on every file in it. Went to properties and security. There it said This file has no owner AHA!

So quickly I added myself as those files owner and repeated the process for the parent folder.

Now delete that folder!

Run the installation again and you should be able to install the driver with no problems.

In my opinion, and I am not an expert on this stuff, I think that something was wrong with those drivers from the start. Somehow when they were downloaded the got corrupted or something.

The important part to remember here is to read the log file.

If this solutions helps you and I think that it should help everyone who stumbles upon it leave a comment bellow.

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