The Girl with a Book on a Hill

The Girl with a Book on a Hill

A short story based on a true event, from summer 2016.

It was a sunny day and I was driving around on my motorcycle.

A girl was on my mind...

My mind was not on the road. I imagined different ways of asking her out... I'm sure that a lot of you can relate with me on this. I decided that it is best to just to call her on the phone and be direct about it. Calling a girl on the phone... ha ha ha

Whenever I need to make a big decision or get courage to do something, I go to a high place. I don't know why. Somehow, being in a high place gives me a better perspective, clears my mind and gives me courage. This time, this place was a hill near the town of Vodice, called Okit. At the top of the hill is a small church.

It was my first time there.

The view is great, you can see the open road and the whole of Vodice. I went to lean on the wall near the church to let the sunset sink in me. It was beautiful, and as I was turning around to move away and make the call, with a corner of my eye I saw a girl sitting bellow the wall where I was leaning on. There she was, a couple of meters away, sitting on a rock between the trees.

I was curious to find out what was she doing there, so I moved to the side a little bit. She was reading a book. A book...

So, I was there watching her reading a book at the top of the hill.

My mind started racing. How did she get to this hill? I had driven there with my motorcycle and it was not a short trip. The sun was setting, how was she going to get home at night? There was no car at the foothill. Did someone drop her off there? Did she walk all the way there, just to read a book?

I still don't know...

The End

Mario Bašić

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