Weight Lifting and Supplements

Weight Lifting and Supplements

I have devised a two month exercise plan to build muscles by lifting heavy weights three times a week, going to dance classes two times a week, and using whey proteins, casein proteins and creatine.

Yesterday I've done my first training routine in 30 minutes. I have set a timer for 30 minutes and started doing the exercises in sequence. 3 series with 6-8 repetitions per exercise. I have managed to build lactic acid in my muscles, so that gave me a signal that I have pushed myself hard enough for this training session. Later I took whey proteins and creatine before going to bed. I should have mixed in casein proteins too, but I forgot.

Since it is suggested to take two 5g creatine doses over the day, I plan to introduce it during my breakfast and after the training.

So far, I really can't feel any difference. To be continued...

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